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Name:Disaster Preparedness
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Preparing for disasters of all sorts
This community is a forum for people to discuss disaster preparedness, share ideas, make plans, and learn about how to cope when things go awry. This is not a survivalist community- at least in the traditional sense. No armed compounds in the woods sort of stuff. Instead, our emphasis is on community, cooperation and competency in the face of disaster.

Our biggest strength is our mindset in the face of disaster. Preparing will help to build that strength. We will create a library of links, books, materials, etc. to assist members in making their own preparedness plans.

The Rules:

0. Introduce yourself! Don't just come and lurk (even though a bit of lurking is always good to get the feel of a place), come on- participate! Here are some introductory questions you can answer:
*Who are you?
*What are your interests?
*What brought you to this community?
*What stories can you share about subject of disaster preparedness?
*What would you like to see this community explore, or accomplish?
*What books, websites, articles, people, etc. do you recommend? Or not?
*Whatever else you want to talk about]

1. Don't be a butthead. This isn't the place for ideological flame-wars. I have a Banhammer, and know how to use it. Treat each other with respect.

2. Please tag things appropriately. Tags will help future readers explore our posts as this community grows.

3. Please do not spam this community. Spammers will be banned.

4. Please put pictures and videos behind cuts. This will be appreciated by folks who might not have broadband. Do not post self-starting files- especially music files. This will be grounds for moderation.

5. When citing articles, just quote a sentence or two, and put a link to the rest. Fair Use does not mean quoting an article in its entirety.

6. As this community grows, I will need co-moderators. If you are interested, drop me a line.

Visit the sidebar for related and informational websites.
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